≪Our Technique≫

お肌の改善 (肌荒れ・乾燥・むくみ・たるみ・くすみ・しわ・ニキビ・ニキビ痕etc)


Our treatment is effective in improving skin conditions such as dry, swollen or saggy skin, blotches, wrinkles, pimples and blemishes, open pores and improves a blushed face.

A course will give you a sharper jaw line, brighter skin and help a stiff neck & shoulders, help improve metabolism and assist with dieting.

<Facial trial> – 1 time trial

A: Standard Facial Trial £150

Flavour moonのオリジナルの美容器を使って施術します。





B: Luxury Full Facial Trial £198



C: Facial Lifting Trial £75




<Facial course> – 3 months reactivate skin course

A: Standard Facial Course(フェイシャルコース)£1500

Placenta  essence massage + Face and lymph glands in your neck with Beauty sonic + Foot bath for 12 times.


B:Luxury Full Facial Course(ラグジュアリー フルフェイシャルコース)£1980

Placenta  essence massage + Face, lymph glands in your neck, shoulders and upper chest with Beauty sonic + Foot bath for 12 times.  


C: Facial Lifting Course (リフトアップコース) £480

To use our low frequency machine for 8 times.



<Body> – 6 times ticket are valid for 3 months for the first ticket.


A:  Upper Arm Shaping   £40 6 times ticket £2001回分£40お得です!

※This treatment includes the use of an elastic bandage)  

B: Back / Midriff / Bottom /Calf   £60 – 6 times ticket £3001回分£60お得です!)  

C: Thighs   £80 6 times ticket £4001回分£80お得です!

D: Thighs + Bottom   £130£10お得です!) – 6 times ticket £680£100お得です!  

E: Below-the-waist   £180£20お得です!) – 6 times ticket £960£120お得です!  

F:  Reiki-Indian Head Massage (30 mins)£30  

G:  Reiki Soul Detox (5-10 mins) £10   


< Eyelash Extensions >  Eyelash extensions keep for approx. 4-8 weeks

A: Light set (45/eye) £40

B: Full set (60/eye) £50

C: In-fills from £30

D: 2D-6D Volume lash Mix from £10

E: Under Eyelash from £20

F: Colour eyelash from £5

G: Removal £5-10 (first booking only)



A: Eyebrow £15

B: Upper Lip £10

C: Eyebrow + Upper Lip £22

D: Chin £10

E: Whole face £50


<Tint>  Allergy test required

A: Eyebrow £10

B: Eyelash £15

C: Eyebrow + Eyelash £22

<Hand Treatment>

Hand care (placenta essence included) £25      

【Qualifications & Diploma】 CIBTAC・・・Aesthetic Treatments (Manual Skin Treatments/Electric Skin Treatments/ Eyebrow Shaping/Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting/ Make Up/Manicure and Pedicure/Wax Treatments) ITEC・・・Level 3 Indian Head Massage JIKIDEN REIKI・・・Zenki certificate THE GUILD・・・Threading/Eyelash Extensions